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On the way to healing, the body finds unexpected solutions to overcome emotions and traumas. Humans have powers bigger than their ability to perceive and understand. Stories we’ve been told or created ourselves, thoughts and emotions prevent the body’s healing. Everything accumulates in the body. These stories create a unique language, which have a mysterious hidden symbolic life that we develop in the outside world. As a consequence the stories will be in our body, family, collective and in the spirit. That ́s how we block the energy in the body (trauma/illnesses), family (repetitions of what we don ́t want), collective (do not have the «freedom» for example, by race, religion, norms of society) and the spirit (spiritual obstruction or dissociation).

We don ́t need to know the trauma to heal it. Every human being has trauma and wound. It is also clear that this in your body from your experiencing, familysystem, the collective and spirit. You have her a unic possibility to grow from this.

In this workshop we open for the possibility of releasing mental, physical, emotional and spiritual blockages, that only the body can perceive. You become aware and can start to look at the big picture. You learn to look with compassion upon what we have accomplished, despite consequences, invites us to create truthful resolutions. The work is intense, challenging, active, clear, simple and effective. It’s real life.

Marie Fridolf from Sweden has a degree in social studies with master of human relations. Later she become a Psychosynthesis therapist and continue in trainings in Family and Systemic constellations, Reconstructive®, Somatic Experiencing ® and Multigenerational trauma psychology®. Marie works as a therapist, supervisor and as ‘facilitator’ and teachers in workshops and training courses. All programs have variously brought her closer to ancient wisdom. They are not only methods or psychologies but also the way we live.

Dato:  3-5 nov 2017.

Fredag 15 – 20, Lørdag 10 – 18, søndag 10 – 16.
Pris kr 3500
Kaffe og te serveres, lunsj ikke inkludert.

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